Martin Street Community Childcare Centre

“On the 4th of August, we had the pleasure of having “Jennibe” to celebrate National Aboriginal & Torres

Strait Islander Children’s Day. 


Immediately your attention is drawn upon the colourful costumes both Kim and Rusty wear.  They are not only

traditional, but every drawing on their costume tells a story and is therefore meaningful. The passion that is

borne from Kim’s Aboriginal Ancestors is very much evident in the time spent making these costumes.  The next

point of interest would have to be the Aboriginal songs Kim and Rusty sing, accompanied by the skilful guitar

playing.  The songs are short and repetitious which is most appropriate for the ages of our children. We all

joined in the singing, and this was very much encouraged with the handing out to all the participants the

home-made musical instruments, decorated with aboriginal drawings. 


Finally, I would like to mention the dreamtime stories Kim and Rusty tell the children.  As we all know,

some dreamtime stories can be tricky to tell the early childhood aged children, but Kim and Rusty managed to

tell us “How the Sun Was Made” in a delightful yet appropriate manner.  This was evident by the retelling of

the story by some of our older children.
I thoroughly recommend “Jennibe” to anyone who is looking for an educational-based entertainment for their

childcare centre, OSHC, or primary school.”

Mary-Anne Patching


Martin Street Community Childcare Centre

07 5596 3026