How the birds got there colours

In the Dreamtime all the birds were black – all one colour.  Till one day this little dove was flying around looking for food.  He flew down to the ground to catch a big juicy grub but instead landed right on a sharp stick. It pierced his little foot and made him very sick.

For days he lay on the ground in pain. His foot swelled up.  He was dying. All his mates gathered around to see how they could help.  All except the crow.  He just wandered around with his hands behind his back.

Suddenly the parrot rushed forward – and with her sharp beak BURST the little dove’s swollen foot.  Colour splashed out all over the parrot. Red and green and blue ran down her chest, wings and tail.  It splashed out all over the other birds. Some got red, some brown, some blue, some yellow.  Some got spots.  All got colours.

All except the crow who was standing away from the others.  Crow got no colour at all!

So that’s how the birds got their colours.  And as for the dove, he soon got better, thanked the parrot and was able to fly away.